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Your fitness will never be the same once you unlock your Lean Code. I've used this simple process with thousands of clients to help them reach their longevity, physique and performance potential. Now it's time for you to achieve the same. Get started below!

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Eat Lean is the nutrition component of The Lean Code. It is science based, sustainable and gets results. There are no off-limit foods, dieting or ‘cheat days’. Instead, you'll learn realistic strategies and develop the habits you need for optimal longevity, physique and performance. Want to learn more? Join the 5 Day Eat Lean Challenge.

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If you’re like our other members, you’re already motivated to stay fit. Maybe you've even been working out for your entire life. You’re looking to take it to the next level but you’ve had it with high risk training. You want a process that keeps you safe and pushes you to reach your potential.

Train Lean is the fitness component of The Lean Code. It is science based, sustainable and gets results. We put a huge emphasis on injury management, prevention and low risk high return movements. You'll learn realistic strategies, train to your limits and then push farther - starting with mobility training. Want to learn more? Take the Train Without Pain introductory course.

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Meet Coach Jes

Hello and Welcome!

I started out loving sports and teaching swimming as a kid which translated into getting a degree in Kinesiology (movement science) and I've been in coaching and training in some fashion forever 20 years since. Over the years I've gotten many certifications and worked with all types of clients - from those in a wheelchair to former professional hockey players and everything in between. The oldest client I've ever had was 85 and the youngest was 11! The most athletic client I've ever had went to the Olympics! One of the best things I did as a trainer was get a paraplegic girl who was 19 years old into the pool for the first time since she was paralyzed.Needless to say I've worked with A LOT of different types of clients.

Before I really understood how to stay lean and fit year after year I was totally confused by all the nutrition and fitness information on the market. Even though I was a certified trainer with aBS in Kinesiology, I still didn’t really understand what it took to stay lean long term without spending hours in the gym, working out in pain from injury and basically starving myself to get results. I tried everything and still wound up frustrated and annoyed with myself for not doing better and having it all figured out.

I kept at it and over the years I learned exactly what to do so that I could live lean and perform better with fewer injuries. Then, I created an easy to follow system for my clients to follow so they could do the same. This system is the foundation of everything we teach at Elevate Fitness.It’s my mission to share this system with people so they can skip the learning curve andimplement habits that help them succeed long term.

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No more roller coaster diets, starvation or gross supplements to get results. This 28 day challenge gives you healthy tools to get lean.

Replace wandering around the gym or partial effort at home workouts with a focused training plans that delivers continual results.

In just 4 weeks you'll reduce your risk of injury, help prevent new ones and feel yourself moving and performing better.

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