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Your fitness will never be the same once you start living the Lean Code. I've used this simple process with thousands of clients to help them reach their longevity, physique and performance potential. Now that you're here, it's time for you to achieve yours.

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Relentlessly pushing you to stay athletic and fit for life.


Unlock Your Lean Code

Stay Athletic For Life

Through a series of fortuidous events, Coach Jes was asked by one of her awesome clients Sanjay to coauthor a book about Pickleball, joy and long term health. The project is intended to have value for any lifelong athlete but it's purpose is to help pickleball players everywhere reduce risk of injury and get healthier!

The result is something we are both proud of - Pickleball For Life. This book is the ultimate guidebook for pickleball enthusiasts who want to prevent injuries, improve their health, and take their performance to the next level.

You'll learn how Coach Jes uses her ninja mind tricks on Sanjay to help him find his path to fitness as well as gain valuable insights and strategies to preventing injury by unlocking your personal lean code for longevity, fitness, and exceptional pickleball performance.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, Pickleball For Life will help you take your skills and overall well-being to new heights. Get your copy here and transform your fitness.

Nutrition To Reach Your

Longevity, Physique & Performance Potential

Eat Lean is the nutrition component of The Lean Code. It is science based, sustainable and gets results. There are no off-limit foods, dieting or ‘cheat days’. Instead, you'll learn realistic strategies and develop the habits you need for optimal longevity, physique and performance. Want to learn more? Join the 5 Day Eat Lean Challenge.

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Train Lean

If you’re like our other members, you’re already motivated to stay fit. Maybe you've even been working out for your entire life. You’re looking to take it to the next level but you’ve had it with high risk training. You want a process that keeps you safe and pushes you to reach your potential.

Train Lean is the fitness component of The Lean Code. It is science based, sustainable and gets results. We put a huge emphasis on injury management, prevention and low risk high return movements. You'll learn realistic strategies, train to your limits and then push farther - starting with mobility training. Want to learn more? Take the Train Without Pain introductory course.

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Fitness Focused on Injury Prevention and Goal Achievement

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3 Ways To Hit Your Goals!

No More Diets!

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Transform Your Fitness!

No more roller coaster diets, starvation or gross supplements to get results. This 28 day challenge gives you healthy tools to get lean.

Replace wandering around the gym or partial effort at home workouts with a focused training plans that delivers continual results.

In just 4 weeks you'll reduce your risk of injury, help prevent new ones and feel yourself moving and performing better.

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